Ready to Market Features

No more app builders. Zero Code. Zero Design. Zero hosting needed.


Who doesn’t like numbers? The Dashboard feature provides fast and visually appealing snapshots of key analytics, because it’s always a good idea to measure performance.


The On-boarding module provides you with all the features you need to create that perfect welcome screen, which means there is no need for you to hard code these yourself.

Login & User Management

Use the Login & User Management module to enable registered users to log in to your apps.

Smart Content

Use the “Smart content” feature to publish news, stories, articles, recipes etc and include images, links to video with varying call to actions on your apps. Easy done.


Create multiple types of unique rewards for your app users to suite a wide variety of use cases.

Push Notifications

Send rich media Push Notifications to your app users. Apps do not need to be open for push notifications to be received.


There’s nothing like a beautiful photo gallery! This module helps you create an exhibition for your apps but also enables users to submit their own photographs.


Use Beacons to welcome people as they arrive to an event or send location specific real time information about your latest offer in-store.


Set up drivers in your network that you want to book deliveries. Smart management for your fleet of drivers.


Storing, organising and searching your documents is one of the problem all of us face, be it at home or at office.


Sending a blanket message to users or putting all your users into one bucket is old school.


Use our platform to combine lessons, topics and quizzes to create comprehensive courses for your users.

In-App Alerts

Enables you to create ‘in-app’ alerts, which allows you to send pop-up messages whenever a user opens your app or a particular function within.


Our platform provides a wide range of apis and UI elements to easily achieve a rich map experience on both web and mobile.

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