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Are you all set on building a web or mobile application but not sure where to start?

We’ve broken down the 5 most essential things you’ll need before you get started.

Before you start anything, you need to be mindful that if you’re building a mobile app you need to make sure it caters to two of the largest mobile operating systems – Apple’s iOs and Google’s Android.

That being said, here are the basic things you’ll need to consider:

1) App design: User Experience (ux) user interface design (ui)

You need to design the full app user experience first, either as a prototype or an entire app-flow journey so the complete app architecture is laid out upfront.

This is really similar to an architect drawing a floor plan before construction.

You also need to think about the guidelines to app design. Here’s a helpful link to find out more.

2) App Development: Web, hybrid or native ios and native android

Deciding how you will develop your app is an important choice to make.

Developers are often faced with the deciding between building an app in native format or hybrid format. Hybrid is a web-friendly format and one source code that you can use to build both iPhone and Android apps.

They do tend to look and feel much better than native. With native, you also have to build two separate apps to suit Apple and Google. iOS using Apple’s X-code and using Android Studio for Google Play App.

Nevertheless, the majority of apps are actually built-in native format.

Native platform for Apps:

· X-Code for iOS Apps

· Android Studio for Android Apps

Some popular hybrid frameworks:

· Ionic

· React Native

· Flutter by Google

3) App content management system (App cms)

If you are thinking of publishing anything from a “backend” system, you must consider that it needs to be hosted on the cloud, it should allow you to publish things like news, publish a photo gallery or send out notifications to your apps then you’ll need a robust CMS.

Also, it would be necessary to have the ability to capture user data on login, things like ‘user forgot password’ function and manage all of it as well.

Much like WordPress lets you manage content published to different websites, you need an App CMS.

This is where Aotomot comes in very handy as building an App CMS is like building your own version of WordPress – and as you’d imagine, a rather large job! Aotomot as a platform has an App-CMS that you can use as the CMS for your apps.

You can also manage multiple apps from the same CMS.

4) app servers: app infrastructure

This is a huge factor and often the least thought of.

While Apps themselves need not be hosted, the content that is displayed, such as your photo catalogue, news items etc. all need to be hosted and managed somewhere as well. You also want to make sure it’s as secure as possible.

As your app and users grow, your platform and infrastructure will need to adapt and scale up too.

Few popular services are:

1. Amazon Web Services, often referred to as “AWS”

2. Azure by Microsoft

3. Google Cloud

Mobiconnect uses AWS to host your apps, but just having an account is not enough. Hosting is a precarious arena and definitely requires specialised DevOps and server management skill sets.

5) ongoing maintenance/management

Once you’ve successfully launched your apps you are required to constantly monitor their performance using tools such as Crashlytics, Google Analytics etc. This is especially important when there are updates to operating systems or new phones are released. Much like a car with new tyres, you need to be constantly making sure they are running smoothly.

From the above, it’s clear that different skills will be needed across a number of areas when it comes to building an application. Costs ramp up really quickly and it takes time to set up things like servers, especially if you think of contracting out or partnering with a 3rd party service provider.

The reason we started Aotomot was precisely to remove as many road-blocks as we possibly could for you. The idea was to provide an ‘all-in-one’ approach, where you can utilise our platform and while putting together your app idea.

Aotomot takes care of your servers, hosting, monitoring (you can scale up as you go). It also gives you a content management system (App CMS) that is ready for you to manage multiple users and publish content and notifications! We don’t believe this is anything else similar to what we’re offering and it’s why our global customers have been raving about the platform.

Aotomot comes with ready to use modules that you can integrate and build your app with. Check out some of our use-cases to see how you can use our pre-constructed modules and API’s. You should also try out our sample code with an X-Code project to try and build an iPhone app.

Go on, get that app idea off your chest. Get Creative! 


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