Driver Management

Our Driver and Delivery Management Solution is ideal for small to medium businesses. Mobiconnect’s Driver module gives a driver of any delivery management system flexibility to update their profile, contacts and documented. The driver can easily organise their license and other important documents. Get reminders when the your license is expiring.

Bellow are few of the feature/APIs available for drivers.

Registering a driver: Driver registration can be done only by an admin user. When the admin registers a driver, they can choose to send an sms or an email invite to the driver stating that a login has been created for the driver along with the login details.

Content-Type: "application/json"
   "companyName":"Driver Company",
      "name":"Test Driver",
      "name":"21 market street",

Manage documents: After the driver is created, either the admin or the driver can choose to add their documents to their profile. The Admin portal gives a easy to use interface for doing this. It also give a clear indication when a document is expiring soon or if the document has expired.

Add documents to the user

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Content-Type: "application/json"

Visual indicator when the document is expiring

Paperless fleet management platform and driver App

Smart management lets you manage driver schedules. Easily book jobs from the secure cloud system, add custom notes to each job and receive time sheets, signature and proof of delivery in real-time.

Manage Clients

Simple one-time client set up for booking future jobs.

Schedule Jobs

Set up job information such as pick up, drop off, date start and date end.

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time map to view the location of Drivers, quick analytics real-time snapshot and a downloadable report of all jobs.

Multiple Apps

Set up drivers in your network you want to book deliveries.


Register Drivers with documents that you would need for compliance such as Drivers license, Registration details etc.

Driver App

Companion mobile app for Drivers to receive jobs, log time and submit delivery notes.

We are able to view our Drivers location. We also send safety messages to all drivers for incidents and for compliance. Simple to use, easy done! Good bye paper work POD and signature is now in real-time.



Our Driver and Delivery Management Solution is ideal for small to medium businesses. There is a companion simple to use mobile Driver app for your registered Drivers. Only drivers in your system get to access, with no extra processes, hardware or software required to install.

Ideal for franchisee business owners to keep a track of jobs and driver locations. It is also suitable for courier companies, transport, food delivery and logistics operators.


Schedule jobs for clients and send them directly to your driver’s app.


Include notes and instructions for drivers against each job or client.

Driver Time-Sheet

Drivers are able to start, pause and submit time-sheets in real-time against each job carried out.


Send push notifications reminders to Drivers such as Driver Safety, Drug & Alcohol policy etc.

Submit Documentation

Drivers are able to submit documents related to each job carried out (ie. POD, Signatures etc)

Terms & Conditions

Get Drivers to accept your business specific terms and conditions.