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How do I build Apps with Mobiconnect as the app builder platform?

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How do I build Apps with Mobiconnect as the app builder platform?

AOTOMOT comes with ready to use modules. There are two parts to your account as an account owner.

  1. Licensing Admin portal (Manage account, add more projects, billing, API keys, Push Notification certs)
  2. Mobiconnect Platform CMS (This is where you publish content from and manage CMS users)

The licensing portal is where you manage your projects. This portal allows account owners to view their billing history, modules under a particular project and also add more projects to your account. This is done so that account owners can manage multiple apps under the same account using the Licensing Portal.

The licensing portal under each project has information that you will need to build your app. You will need an active API key to connect your app too and use the “Mobiconnect Platform CMS” which can be either access directly from the sub-domain of your project or by clicking “launch” from your licensing portal.

You can build apps once you have an active account with us:

Use API Model:

Download sample apps and connect with your Mobiconnect workspace:

Get creative!

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