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Sending a Push notification to your app users

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Sending a Push notification to your app users

Follow the steps below to send a Push Notification to your app users.

Step 1:
Log into your project administration portal and navigate to the “Notifications” section

Step 2: 
Click on the “+” icon to add ‘new’ to add a new Notification to be sent.

Step 3: 

Select your target audience (This is optional).

You can target customers based on the operating system they have on their mobile i.e. iOS or Android or both.

Not selecting any will send out the push notification to all your app users.

Step 5: 
Select when you would like to send the message – immediately or at a certain date and time based on the timezone you are in.

Step 6: 
Click Send. Your Push Notifications are on the way.

You can see the status whether the Push Notification has been sent or ‘waiting’ status.

TIP: There is a way to send out a Push Notification for every NEWS content item you think needs your users attention. To do this, select “Send Push Notification” at the end of the page you are publishing the NEWS content.

Remember, there is a way to make your PUSH NOTIFICATIONS RICH MEDIA by adding images, video links in your push notifications.

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