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What are the types of Push Notifications on Mobiconnect

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What are the types of Push Notifications on Mobiconnect

Mobiconnect gives you the ability to send out Rich Media PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. 

Push Notifications are basically like text messages that you can send to your application users and the Apps do not need to be open for push notifications to be received. You can include images and links to video.

TRY IT OUT. It’s easy to send out push notifications and get your users attention.

There’s a button “Send Push Notification” which lets you send out a Push Notification to your app users. You can bring attention to the News or content you just published by activating “Send Push Notification” Remember if you think any NEWS item is important, you can tick the “Send Push Notification” with that news item. And, Bingo! your users will be notified.

Below are a few types of PUSH NOTIFICATIONS you can send from the Mobiconnect platform

Standard – Push Notification (Published immediately) 

Standard – Scheduled Push Notification

Types of Push Notification listed in the app (as an example)

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