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What is Mobiconnect platform?

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What is Mobiconnect platform?

Mobiconnect platform is a great new way to publish mobile and web development platform that provides you with ready to use modules. There are platforms but nothing like Mobiconnect which has fully self-contained modules, gives you a license manager that you can add multiple projects in the same console and hitting on “launch” gives you a very easy to use content management system which is where you go to publish content to your apps.

You can even download our free sample code from Github | Aotomot to see some examples how you can build your apps with Mobiconnect.

These are features that can be integrated with your app and managed via the Mobiconnect Platform without the need to build your own back end solution or worry about hosting. You have access to great resources to help you build your apps through our help and support portal.

As part of the base subscription you get:

  • Dashboard – Visual Analytics
    Simple easy to use dashboard that provides fast and visually appealing snapshots of some key analytics.
  • Log in and User Management 
    Enables log in for your app to registered users and provides the ability to invite new users as well as manage and control who is able to access your app.
  • On-Boarding – Create a welcome experience easily
    The On-boarding module provides you with all the features you need to create that perfect welcome screen for your app, which means there is no need for you to hard code these yourself! The module allows you to create On-boarding screens for first time users or screen that you want displayed at every log in. The module makes the screens configurable that can be updated without the need of hardcoding the screens.
  • Alerts & Notifications – Rich media push notifications with call to actions
    Provides your app the functionality to send alerts and Push Notifications to the users of your app. Create and send out Push Notifications to your app users. You can bring attention to the News or Content you just published by activating “Send Push Notification” Push notifications are basically text messages that you can send to your application users. Apps do not need to be open for push notifications to be received.
  • News – Publish content straight to your apps.
    Ability to send content and rich media to your targeted users.
  • Gallery – Pictures are better than a thousand words! 
    This module helps you to create a gallery within your mobile app, web apps or even desktop websites using our API’s. You can also allow your app users to submit their own photographs. Upload photos (including Gif’s) to create a beautiful gallery in your app. Users submitting photos are automatically collected in the “pending” section and once you approve they are published in a gallery.

You can upgrade and choose to add more modules anytime.

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