Push Notifications

Rich Media Notifications and Alerts (Firebase Ready)

Integrate iOS and Android rich media push notifications and in-app alerts for multiple apps with real-time analytics on your dashboard.

iOS & Android Ready

Integrate push notifications for both iOS and Android apps.

Schedule Notifications

Ability to schedule notifications for your end user apps.

Simple to use

No SDK or complicated set up required. Content Management System included.

Multiple Apps

Integrate push notifications for both iOS and Android apps.

Rich Media Notifications

Create rich media notifications with image, video, and call to actions.

Real time Analytics

View analytics about your push notifications on the dashboard.

Mobiconnect gives you the ability to send out rich media Push Notifications

Push Notifications are basically like text messages that you can send to your application users and the Apps do not need to be open for push notifications to be received. You can include images and links to video.

Push Notifications

Send rich media notifications to your app users easily. CMS included.

In-App Alerts

Get your users attention by create pop up in-app alerts for your app users.

Upscale Anytime

With our standard push notifications account you can upscale anytime.

Manage Multiple Apps

Manage all your apps from the licensing portal so it’s all in the one place.

Rich-Media Notifications

Include images, gif’s or links to video as part of our rich media notifications.

Segment and Schedule

Choose from segments such as iOS only, Android only and schedule your notifications in advance.