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Thanks for your suggestions and all the variety of projects everyone is working on. Here’s a few new features coming soon as part of our pre-baked modules.

Templates on their way!

Yes, finally. Everyone is so familiar with templates whether it’s Figma, Flutter or even platforms like Canva – templates narrows down what you want to do, also helps in getting to your solution quickly. Whilst, we do not restrict any features we are in the final stages of releasing a “template” style approach so acts a good starting point.

Start building web and mobile apps easily with mobiconnect templates

Customer Booking / Appointments / Jobs allocation features

This is another area where we have received several comments about including in our feature set. Well, great news that we are almost in the final stages of testing these too. You will be able to use our bookings / jobs modules to set up customers and your own team for eg; of contractors or onsite workers. Create a job and allocate that as part of the jobs management feature. As always, there will be several ways you can customise these to suit your idea or business.

Stay tuned! eta release date is March 2023…not long to go!

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