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Yes, you heard it right. May & June is full of “UX LOVE”.

We’ve had so many new things to do in the past couple of months that we termed it “UX Love”. You know the feeling when designers are never happy with what the dev’s do and the product teams are never happy with what customers experience. So, we workshopped ideas and came up with a few common themes to help simplify some of our processes of creating new features, making adjustments on existing features and things that carry a ”wow-factor” tag.

PS; typical tech tip. Once you login again. Log back out and hard refresh if you’re unable to see any new updates. We love to hate that cache’thing!

Mobiconnect cms ux love improvements june2023


  • Improved & simplified Hub access for account owners / admins.
  • Create and manage multiple projects from the hub.
  • Access “templates” easily and add new projects for yourself or your clients.

We are on the path to continually update our platform so thank you for your support and awesome feedback – both from a tech point of view and some not from a tech point of view both of them equally important to us.

Keep building folks! 

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