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Oct 2022: Driver, Delivery and Job Management

By October 18, 2022June 28th, 2023No Comments

We love that the bundles seems to be most exciting thing that our users are signing up to. So, no guesses here. Yes we are developing a few more and have released a driver, delivery and job management set of features as a Job Management Bundle. So, if you are a business managing a few staff members who go out and perform jobs on behalf of you such as delivering products, or just carrying out some routine inspections; the Job management feature will suit you to get started to get your team into the platform. Allocate jobs to your team, add documents and notes with pick up and delivery location map views to make it easy.

  • Create clients and Drivers
  • Book Driver Delivery Jobs
  • See Drivers in real-time
  • Get signature & proof of delivery
  • Store all driver documents securely

We are now finalising a mobile app for Drivers to use which will be part of this feature bundle.

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