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Mobiconnect Release Notes V1.2.11

It’s that time of the year, happy holidays!

As always our team is either improving existing features or the experience, or working on some brand new and shiny feature updates. Here’s what’s kept us busy…

Jobs / Bookings Management (with call masking now!)

twilio call masking
After you integrate Twilio into your workspace (project), contractors and customers can contact each other via call & SMS and their mobile numbers are masked mainly to protect both from sharing their phone numbers. Read More about this on Twilio. All the communication is done using Twilio’s phone number and details will be added to the appropriate job when an event is triggered. If you have integrated Twilio before, head to Integrations in your Settings section and give it a go.


Firebase Dynamic Links/App Links

Firebase dynamic app links

Integrated Apple’s APP Links and firebase dynamic links for automatically opening the Mobiconnect Jobs app for link sent via email notifications. The Jobs app is the field mobile app that your contractors use with features such as dynamic real time mapping, POD’s and customer signature with document uploads in real time attached to Jobs/Bookings.

Introduced hibernate second level caching for API performance improvements and to decrease load on database server.

Our Backend has been upgraded to Java 21 LTS and Spring Boot 3.1 version.
Introduced new pagination to many module for better API performance optimisation.
Few more stability and performance enhancements released.

If you need a hand you can always reach out and raise a tech support ticket at 

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