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Mobiconnect Release Notes V1.1.32

New Booking management app available for IOS.

Link to iOS app is: HERE

We have released a Mobiconnect Jobs & Booking management app for iOS devices. Now, all your team members on site or contractors can use their app to get notified about a job booking. They can view, accept, decline and most important update your organisation with their status on the job. Admins are able to view their locations in real-time and get POD photos with option of customer signature in real time from the app to the Mobiconnect web admin portal.


Customer Templates
New feature introduced to add booking related configuration directly on templates.
With just a single click and all your backend is ready and deployed with sample customers, contractors and a booking created for a quick onboarding of the system.

Bookings / Jobs Feature
More refined location updates for each and every booking completed by contractor.

Document Manager
More optimised folder and files download with faster zip generation.

Few more stability and performance enhancements released.

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