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Mobiconnect Release Notes V1.1.33

Invoicing is now available for job bookings software and general Mobiconnect as an integration. 

A lot of of you asked if you were able to send invoices and receive payments through Mobiconnect. Yes, you can through our Stripe integrations feature. This is available for job bookings software and any accounts who wish to access the “bookings” feature to manage their contractors or workforce such as tradies etc. If you are unsure about how to add or remove MENU items in Mobiconnect, here is the link once you have logged in and an owner or admin account.

Bookings – new Invoicing Feature
A new module for invoicing is now added to bookings menu. You just need to add in your Stripe account integration and payment and invoices will be added automatically.

Before adding Stripe
The default landing page will be displayed like this until you integrate stripe to mobiconnect platform.

Not yet connected to Stripe

Once you have added Stripe
After you have added your stripe key, invoicing list will be displayed, you can create invoices for your booking and accept payment directly.
Status for invoices can also be changed and same will be reflected on your stripe dashboard accordingly.

Once Stripe is connected in Mobiconnect

Few more stability and performance enhancements released.

If you need a hand you can always reach out and raise a tech support ticket at 

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