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Mobiconnect Release Notes V1.2.22

As always our team is either improving existing features or the experience, or working on some brand new and shiny feature updates. Here’s what’s kept us busy…

Jobs / Bookings Management Software features (with Contractor Availability and Time Offs)

Now if you add a time-off, even if it’s at workspace level or contractor specific. an email will be sent out to you and all our admins notifying about your time off details.

#Time off email

Bookings management software schedule


Job and Booking Management Software powered by Mobiconnect

Jobs / Bookings Management (with customer OTP verification)

Each job can now have a verification from customer based on OTP at the time of job completion. A particular job will only be marked as completed if OTP is correct.
This feature can only be used if TWILIO is integrated in the workplace.


Document Manager

We have introduced a brand new feature to our documents module. A complete folder can now be upload to document manager module and each sub folder and files within it will automatically be uploaded seamlessly.



You can even unsubscribe to a workspace emails if it irritates you. Just open an email and at the end you might find a new unsubscribe link embedded inside the email.

Few more stability and performance enhancements released.

If you need a hand you can always reach out and raise a tech support ticket at

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