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Mobiconnect Release Notes V2024.2.1

Here’s what’s kept us busy…


Gallery module – Shiny new updates! 

Just like your mobile photo gallery, we have introduced a photo video gallery management module. You can create numerous albums and store your content in Mobiconnect. There are even settings to create a private gallery to protect your privacy and even public galleries which can be shared with just a simple URL.

Few of our features with the Gallery feature include:

  • Create albums and add photos / videos.
  • Manage content and share with your app users.
  • Get your app users to submit photos from the app  which you can moderate to publish onto your app.


#Gallery List


Photo Gallery feature for your app and web apps

#Add Gallery


#Inside Gallery



#Upload image/video to gallery


News/Content module

A complete new module with a lot of use cases. It can be used as news, blogs, release notes etc etc.
This module can be enabled from Roles & Permissions and added to your project/workspace.
Categories can be added and each news can be linked to a category and published to the portal.


#News Landing Page


#Add News


Incident Module features for business 

A fresh brand new incident module which can be used by construction, factory engineers etc for any incident reporting management system.

#Incident List



#Incident type



#Add Incident



You can even directly add each and every incident type, news category and gallery album directly to your menu and filter each and every records directly from the respective menu added for your role.

#Menu updates

Few more stability and performance enhancements released.

If you need a hand you can always reach out and raise a tech support ticket at 

Enjoy Mobiconnect


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